English Literature Authors and Their Works list

English literature authors

You would be learnt English literature important authors and their works list. You follow this table to learn their works in the English literature. This table is important for any exam.

Important Authors and Their Works list:

AuthorsWorksOrigin and Types
Alexander PopeThe Rape of the Lock, The DunciadEnglish Poet and Satirist
Alfred Tennyson In Memoriam, The Lady of Shalott, Idylls of the King, UlyssesEnglish Poet
Adlof Hitler Mein KampfGerman Fiejrer
Andrew MarvellThe GardenEnglish Poet
AristotlePoliticsGreek Philosopher
AristophanesThe Peace, The Clouds, FrogsGreek Poet and Playwright
Bertrand RusselMarriage and Morals, The Impact of Science upon SocietyBritish Philosopher
Ben JonsonVolpone, Everyman in His HumourEnglish Poet and Dramatist
Charles DarwinOrigin of Species, Descent of ManEnglish Writer
Charles DickensThe Pickwick Paper, Oliver Twist, David Copperfield, Great ExpectationsEnglish Novelist
D.H. LawrenceLady Chatterley’s LoverEnglish Novelist and Poet
Daniel Defoe Robinson Crusoe, Moll FlandersEnglish Journalist and Novelist
Dr. Samuel Johnson Dictionary, Vanity of the Human WishesEnglish Lexicographer and Writer
Dylan ThomasEighteen Poems, Under Milk WoodEnglish Poet and Journalist
E.M. Foster A Passage of India, Longest JourneyEnglish Novelist
Edger Allan PoeThe RavenAmerican Short Story and Essayist
Francis BaconNovum OrganumEnglish Philosopher and Essayist
George Barnard ShawApple Cart, Arms and the Man, Candida, Man and Superman, Saint JoanIrish Dramatist and Critic
Geoffery ChaucerThe Legend of Good Women, Canterbury TalesFather of English Poetry
George EliotAdam Bede, Silas Marner, The Mill on the ElossAuthor
George OrwellAnimal Farm, Nineteen Eighty FourNovelist
H.G.WellsThe Time Machine, The Invisible ManEnglish Science Fiction Writer
Henry Fielding= English Novelist= Tom Jones, Joseph AndrewsEnglish Novelist
Homer Iliad, OdesseyGreek Epic Poet
Jane AustenPride and Prejudice, Sense and SensibilityEnglish Woman Novelist
John MiltonParadise Lost, Paradise Regained, Samson AgonistesEnglish Poet
John BunyanThe Pilgrim’s ProgressEnglish Prose Writer
Karl Marx Communist Manifesto, Das CapitalGerman Philosopher and Economist
Leo Tolstoy War and PeaceRussian Author
Lord ByronDon JuanRomantic Poet
Maxim GorkyMother, My ChildhoodRussian Author
Mrs. Virginia WoolfA Room of One’s Own, Night and DayEnglish Novelist
Oscar Wilde An Ideal HusbandEnglish Poet and Novelist
P.B. ShelleyAdonias, Ozymandia, Ode to the West Wind, Prometheus Unbound, To a SkylarkEnglish Poet
Robert Herrick Hesperides, To DaffodilsEnglish Poet
Robert Louis StevensonKidnapped, Treasure IslandScottish Author and Poet
S.T.Colleridge Biographia Literaria, Kubla KhanEnglish Poet
Shakespeare WilliamAs You Like It, Hamlet, MacbethGreatest English Poet and Dramatist
Sigmund FreudDelusion and DreamAustran Founder of Psycho-Analysis
Sir Arthur C. Doyle The Adventures of Sherlock HolmesEnglish Novelist
Sir Wisnton ChurchillThe Gathering Storm, The Second World WarPolitician of England
T.S.EliotMurder in the CathedralEnglish Poet and Playwright
Thomas Carlyle Past and PresentEnglish Writer
Thomas Gray Ode to AdversityEnglish Poet
Thomas HardyThe Mayor CasterbridNovelist
Thomas MooreThe Epicurean, The Minstrel Boy, The La Rose of SummerIrish Poet
Thomas KydThe Spanish TragedyPlaywriter
Virginia Woolf Mrs. DallowayEnglish Novelist
W.B. YeatsThe TowerIrish Poet and Dramatist
William WordsworthMichael, Tinterm Abbey, The Daffodils, The Prelude, Lyrical BalladsEnglish Poet
William BlakeSongs of Experience, Songs of InnocenceEnglish Poet
William Makepeace Thackeray Vanity Fair,
Henry Esmond
English Novelist


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